Agile Immersive is a Lean-Agile Strategy Firm that cultivates ideation, problem analysis and measurable success.

Agile strategy starts with asking powerful questions and digging for deeper answers. We coach clients to drill to the core of their challenges and find root causes. Success follows setting vision. Set vision with KPI and accountability for results.

Lean design cultivates flow. It pursues effortless flow in every interface: Human-machine, human-process, and human-environment. Transformative design follow the elimination of wastes, friction, and noise.

Lean-agile thinking starts with learning the values, principals, practices, and protocols of thought leaders across industries. We match frameworks like scaled agile or scrum with individual client’s unique challenges.

Get Results

At Agile Immersive, we can help you reach faster Outcomes with measurable success, and have persistent tools that keep you mission focused.

Powerful Strategies

From blockchain innovations to value stream mapping, we can custom-tailer the perfect strategy to help solve some of your biggest problems.

High Level Training

DAD, TPS, SCRUM,  and Kanban are just a few exciting training programs that we offer. We can even train your c-suite, VP, or other leaders.

Here's what we can do for you.

Agile Immersive is a Technical Consulting firm with consultants who have over 20+ years of Strategic, Technical and Agile Innovation experience around the globe. Let us help you enhance your Cloud Architecture investments, Big Data Analytics and Agile Innovation practices today.

Agile Immersive VKF KPI


Improvement in mean time to recover


Total code accuracy improvement


$/Month reduction in net operating expenses

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Your team is most productive when your entire design workflow is in one place. Our integrations automatically push and pull data from your favorite systems.

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